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A full body session that powers up your energy and clears anything that is stuck, including physical and emotional pain.
Combining varies healing techniques from Usui , Karuna, Crystal and Angel Healing with the use of various oils , leaving you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and leaving with a greater sense of clarity.
(5-10 min consultation included at the beginning of your first session)
30 Mins - £15
60 Mins - £25
Are you feeling down and out of touch with what is happening around you?  Or maybe you are stressed and need to feel balanced with life again?
If so then your chakras or energy centres are out of balance!
Chakra Balancing and Cleansing helps to balance your body, mind, and spirit so that you have clearer direction in moving forwards in life.
Focusing only around the Aura and  and the 7 main energy centres that run down the middle part of the body, a combination of holistic healing techniques are used which include  ...Smudging, Sound Healing, bowls & Tuning Forks, , Reiki Healing Energy, Crystal wands, Gemstones, Pendulum work,   even mantras.
Sometimes the best plan is to rebalance your Chakras as often as you can to keep yourself in peak condition.  
45 Mins - £20
Block Booking sessions are available at a discount plus get 20% off your first session for new clients only!!!
(excludes offers, discounts and gift vouchers)
Reiki should not be used as a substitute for medical care, and you should always seek medical advice from your G.P first for ailments and pain of any sort.