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MY Spiritual  Life is part of my work.

My Work is part of my Spiritual Life.

 Hi my name is  Karen, & I have been quite a spiritual person as far back as I can remember, for me it became clearer back in 2000 when I became drawn to Tarot/Angel cards. I became familiar with the energy of these tools and how much they helped me. As an avid reader I soaked up as much information as I could on spiritual subjects. Using my intuition & spiritual experiences I started reading for family & friends.   It wasn't until my mum passed in 2006 that Reiki fell onto my path.

I  initially was attuned to reiki to heal myself from my own past upsets but I found it gave me so much more.  In 2007 I completed 3 levels of Reiki and became a master in the Usui system of natural healing, I then went on to complete Karuna ReikiĀ® & became master.

Reiki has been a huge part in my life and this is where my spiritual journey really accelerated.  I  felt very connected to mother earths energy and very much grounded. I found shifts happening in & around me on a physical,  emotional & spiritual level and Reiki has never left my side. Learning to meditate came natural & helped me calm the mind, &  

strengthen the link with spirit & my guides which helped when carrying out readings.  

 I set up some space within my home and in my free time, began giving healing treatments to family & friends, but in 2011 my life was shattered when I lost my sister to cancer!  It was only through my sis, that I found the strength & focus to carry on with my spiritual work and eventually  open up a small business so I could work professionally  and use my abilities to help, guide & support others.

I have since gone forward with my spiritual studies and in 2012 have gained my certificate in Spiritual Awareness and Angel Therapy becoming more open to the universal energies surrounding & guiding us. In 2013 gained my diploma in Indian Head Massage Therapy.

I have a great interest  in Wicca and have started to live my life around the pagan holidays through the seasons, moon phases, healing herbs/ oils and much more, its been very fulfilling to live in accordance with nature and to appreciate mother earth offers to us all.

My passion in life is wanting to help, heal, support & guide others through my spiritual work!